“This World We Don’t Live In” is a video installation with scenes rendered in Unity Game Engine. By juxtaposing photos of real-life objects that are out of place/misfits/imperfect and their recreated models within the digital world, this piece emphasizes that the virtual environment is an imitation of the physical one. The closeups of the objects are accompanied by ambisonic recordings from the object’s location in the physical world. The sound elements function both as memories of the objects and as a connection between the digital and the physical. Ultimately, this piece is a discussion of representation and the represented. It is an emphasis on the impossibility to achieve the same state of mind through recreation or fabrication.
With the classes online due to the COVID outbreak throughout winter break, I spent a significant amount of time alone, wandering through the city and taking pictures of random objects on the street. The subjects of my photos are usually objects that ate out of place, meaning they seem strange to be where they are:
An opened sandwich sitting on the bus bench, a cloth hanger flowing in the river, a pile of dirt laying down next to a post, a lamp bulb that has melted out of shape among the other uniformed lamps...
When I was looking back on the photos I have taken, I realized that I took these pictures because I emphasized with the object. Sometimes I feel like I do not belong, am out of place, and am strange.
sometimes I feel like a fork in the tool shed
Sometimes I feel like a sandwich on the bus stop bench
Sometimes I feel like a hanger floating on the long long river
sometimes I feel like a fallen fire hydrant by the side of the road
Sometimes I feel like a broken pipe that is constantly crying and puking 
Sometimes I feel like a slightly deformed street light among the other perfect ones
Sometimes I feel like I am out of place 
sometimes I feel like I am abandoned 
sometimes I feel like I am disruptive
sometimes I feel like I am useless
sometimes I feel like I am alone
sometimes I feel like I am imperfect
I feel objects like they are me


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