JC uses video, installation, and interactive devices as mediums for identity and perspective discussion. She looks at art pieces as containers for the artist’s emotions and experiences; the process of creating is adding meanings to one’s feelings – contextualizing and dragging them into physical reality. Her focus on creative practice is actively changing and evolving along with her life journey. At the moment, her practice is focused on using room-scale installations to translate her experience with Eastern and Western media representations, multicultural identity, and digital culture.

Growing up through the age of information explosion thanks to technological advancement, tech naturally became an important part of JC’s practice. Technology made information more accessible, therefore providing a platform for different points of view. Observation from digital platforms and physically traveling across the world for higher education inform her practice.  Being born and raised in Mainland China until the age of 17 and receiving her higher education in the U.S has knocked down and rebuilt her identity as well as her perspective. Informed by her observation and understanding of both worlds, JC’s works are physical manifestations of her emotional experience. 

JC’s works aim to condense years of her years of observation on contrast and comparison between different worlds into digestible and meditative experiences for the audience to be fully immersed in.
After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Television, Film, Interactive Media, and Studio Art at Brandeis University, JC continues her fine art education as a Master's candidate in the Digital + Media department at the Rhode Island School Design (RISD). She is expected to receive her Master’s degree in the spring of 2023.
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